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Jawahar Thomas was born in India in 1964 and from an early age was fascinated by modern medicine and helping people. Naturally, with an interest in science and education, he pursued further studies and studied to become a doctor.

In 1988, Jawahar Thomas graduated from the Osmania Medical College in India and successfully completed his double degree, a Bachelor of Medicine and a Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS).

In August of 1993 he volunteered at Osmania hospital to offer humanitarian relief due to the Latur earthquake.

Jawahar Thomas practised medicine in Australia from 2000 onwards. Initially, as a general practitioner, he offered his professional services throughout rural New South Wales, South Australia as well as the Northern Territory and other remote locations.

Years later, after a long period of rewarding work dealing with indigenous and disadvantaged patients, Jawahar Thomas moved to Windsor in NSW in 2007 and soon purchased his own medical clinic. As a budding entrepreneur and renowned healer, he now owns and manages four medical clinics.

In addition to managing his own practices, Jawahar Thomas is busy developing his Medical Knowledge Simulator (MEKSI) and is also a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners by examination. He has also been an examiner for the RACGP

We Offer Professional Healthcare Services

Blood pressure checks

Minor surgical procedures

Sports medicine

Health assessments

Blood tests

Pre-employment medicals

WorkCover assessments

Skin checks and assessments

Contraception advice/treatment

Random blood sugar level test

Wound care

And So Much More

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