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Medical Simulation Software

Jawahar Thomas has over a decade of practical experience working as a general practitioner in Sydney as well as managing up to four medical centres. He has applied his medical knowledge and expertise to invent an innovative educational tool to help students and other doctors. On 21 April 2016, the Australian Government granted Jawahar Thomas an innovation patent for method and systems for educational assessment.

MEKSI—Medical Knowledge Simulator

MEKSI is a patented medical simulation software that was developed on a propositional theory: If Alice bakes a pie she places it on the window sill, if no pie is found on the window sill it means Alice did not bake a pie. Now extrapolating that to clinical practice—if proper documentation is missing in the doctor’s notes that typically means that they did not ask the right questions. If the doctor did not ask the right questions it should be assumed, then, that the doctor did not know to ask the right questions.

Upon further research, Jawahar Thomas discovered an entertaining way to learn via roleplay. Conventional methods of roleplaying require willing participants and that can be tedious to organise and expensive to run regularly in a professional setting.

Why arrange for people to facilitate an educational roleplay when we have the technology to use medical simulation software? Jawahar Thomas created a digital platform where a GP’s notes would be compared to a world standard and ranked via a standardised score.

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Innovative Educational Tools for Modern Medicine

Jawahar Thomas developed MEKSI, a Medical Knowledge Simulator to assist doctors and other medical professionals. To learn more about how this medical simulation software, contact us.

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